Sami. 20. Writer. Reader. Mermaid. Movie Fanatic. Body Positive. Feminist. Slut Pride. Poet. Animal Lover. Lipstick Queen. Sagittarius.
I didn't choose the fabulous life, the fabulous life chose me.

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Lovatic Forever.


Tried on my old crop top and watermelon skirt.

Cropped head cause I’ll scare everyone away with my pulled back hair and icky face. xD

Current size - UK 16/18! 

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I choose to believe this is the truth. 

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Demi Lovato performing at Wembley Arena, 2009

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I get mad. I get sad. I have all those emotions. But I just like to keep them to myself. I don’t think my fans need to be bothered with if I’m mad or sad about something. I should just be concerned that they are keeping up with my music or I’m making them happy with my show.

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